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Breaking Into the USA’s Competitive Job Market

Breaking Into the USA's Competitive Job Market

If you’ve decided to pursue a job in the USA’s competitive job market, there are a few key tips that you should consider before you embark on your journey. You should learn how to fill your recruiting funnel, how to be wary of the competition, and how to check your employment contract for a noncompete clause.

Find out what the requirements are of a job

While it is certainly possible to find a job without knowing what you are looking for, it is also a good idea to be prepared. This can be accomplished by reviewing the following:

The first question to answer is, what are the requirements of the job in question? Next, you need to determine the credentials you possess, and how they can help you get the job done. After all, if you do not provide proof of your qualifications, your applications will likely be rejected.

To do so, you need to look at your education, skills, and experience. If you have a degree, you should consider applying to a job in a field that matches your educational background. In some cases, you will need to take vocational training programs before a company will consider you.

For instance, you may have an advanced degree in a non-related field. If so, you should know that the best way to prove your eligibility is to submit a resume.

Fill the recruiting funnel with as many applicants as possible

A recruitment funnel is a process in which a company captures a large number of leads at the widest mouth of the funnel. The aim is to reduce these to a small group of top-notch candidates. In practice, this entails a slew of activities including ad creation, resume screening, interviewing, and the use of applicant tracking software.

To make the most of a recruiting funnel, companies should identify the best sourcing platforms and metrics for their hiring needs. These include a bird’s eye view of the entire talent funnel and key metrics that can tell the difference between a good hire and a slam dunk.

A successful recruiting funnel has many layers, including a well-defined process that focuses on attracting applicants with the best possible experience. For example, sending relevant job openings in the right time and place is a winning strategy. Adding a contact option is also a must.

An applicant tracking system is a great tool for analyzing candidate behavior. It will allow recruiters to spot the most qualified candidates and reduce the churn of mediocre hires.

Check for a noncompete clause in employment agreement

If you’re trying to break into the USA’s competitive job market, you’ll want to check for a noncompete clause in your employment agreement. These agreements are a way for employers to keep employees from stealing their own ideas and business secrets. They also help keep businesses from competing with one another.

In the United States, roughly one in five workers is bound by a noncompete agreement. This can hinder their careers and their ability to move to better jobs.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) held a workshop to examine noncompetes. One of the speakers was Rebecca Slaughter, the Democratic appointee to the FTC.

Currently, only a handful of states have banned the use of noncompetes. Some state laws require employers to give a certain amount of time before non-competes can be enforced.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, tens of millions of US workers have signed non-compete agreements. These agreements are typically in effect for a specified period of time after an employee leaves their current position.


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